Starbucks 2006 Christmas Mug

Every year Starbucks releases numerous Christmas themed mugs of varying shapes and sizes, though since 2005 they’ve consistently released a mug of the same size with varying design unique to that year. Unfortunately I only started collecting them in 2006 causing me to miss out on the first one from 2005 though I’ve found a few in online auctions that I hope can complete my collection.

Starbucks 2006 Christmas Mug

The 2006 Christmas mug is a fairly simple design featuring a rich deep red base decorated with white silhouettes of children playing in the snow, singers caroling and a couple relaxing on a park bench.

Curiously on the bottom of the mug Holiday 2006 is written above the Starbucks Coffee label. You can see it in my video below or here. This little extra was not included in future versions.

Will be uploading info, photos and videos of my other Christmas mugs including this years over the next few weeks counting down to Christmas so check back soon!

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