New Starbucks Japan 15th Anniversary Mug

With the 2011 Starbucks Christmas mugs just around the corner I totally wasn’t expecting this when I walked into a Starbucks yesterday!

Turns out Starbucks is celebrating 15 years in Japan this year and as part of the celebration (or rather the only thing they’re doing to celebrate this milestone) they’ve released a mug and a series of tumblers.

Starbucks Japan 15 Years Anniversary / Birthday Mug

Starbucks Japan 15 Years Anniversary / Birthday Mug

The entire mug (even the inside) is a creamy colour that’s quite unusual for a Starbucks mug. It features the new Starbucks logo on one side and a giant “15” on the other which is textured with silhouettes of people carrying and drinking from coffee mugs.

There’s heaps of stars, some of which are metallic gold and an artistic rendition of a city’s skyline.

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The mug definitely does a good job of creating the whole “birthday” vibe though I kind of wish they tried a bit more to include some Japanese aspects. Sure it mentions “Starbucks Japan” at the bottom of the mug on the inside (which I enjoyed) and there’s a family of dharma dolls which is cool but the skyline features none of Tokyo’s recognisable buildings such as Tokyo Tower or the new Tokyo Sky Tree.

Perhaps a future mug like the 2012 Japan mug is planned to use these buildings, especially since the Tokyo Sky Tree is due to open next year. Hmmm… what do you think?

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