Starbucks 2008 Christmas Mug

Out of all of the current Starbucks Coffee Christmas mugs, this one from 2008 is definitely my favourite. It really takes the mugs in a more creative direction and focuses more on the natural Winter Wonderland rather than the human element associated with the holidays.

Starbucks Coffee 2008 Christmas Mug

I love the subtle titled background that creates the illusion a deeper red while still being the same colour as the previous mugs.

Starbucks Coffee 2008 Christmas Mug

Something that also works well is the larger, artistic white snowflakes and the white frosting around the Starbucks logo itself (which I honestly didn’t really notice until I started really looking at it to write this post!).

For me personally what makes this mug my favourite is the silhouette of the reindeer. It’s such a powerful and dramatic image but at the same time very much magical. I love it.

To the right is a photo I took on my mobile of the mug on Christmas Day in 2008 under my Christmas Tree. Naturally the coffee in it is the 2008′s Starbucks Christmas Blend and on the plate is a mix of store bought and homemade fruit mince pies, Walkers Christmas cookies and homemade gingerbread men (and trees).

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