Sydney Starbucks Mug

Happy New Year! I hope you had a fantastically fun and safe holiday season and haven’t broken too many resolutions yet. 😉

I had an awesome time visiting family and friends in Sydney and while there I scored two mugs that I’ve been drinking out of every day since I got back to Tokyo.

Years ago when I used to work at Starbucks in Sydney the mugs they had for Australia were unattractive to say the least. Recently though Starbucks has revamped a lot of their “City Mugs” and these new Aussie ones are a HUGE improvement!

Starbucks Coffee Sydney Australia City Mug

I love the varnished interiors (no more staining! 😀 ) and the new handle which seems a lot larger than the handles on my Japan mugs. I really dig the duotone colour theme with the yellow (possibly representing the outback) and the pink/maroon. The Harbour Bridge looks great and they’ve done a surprisingly accurate job a representing the harbour.

I bought this mug in the Hay Market Starbucks on George Street where I used to work and walked down to Darling Harbour to record this video of it (and the other mug which I’ll cover in the next post 😉 ).

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